Canada’s first cannabis ‘cigarette’ in production

After gaining attention when they announced their cigarette-style “pure cannabis sticks” Kelowna-Based THC BioMed has now started production. It will be the first filtered cigarette-style pre-roll available in Canada and aimed at being an alternative for smokers looking to quit.

Intended for a single-use session, they include commercial-grade filters said to “…protect the consumer but not degrade the experience.” They will be filled with THC BioMed’s range of THC strains or CBD strain, starting with availability to medicinal patients. Produced locally in Kelowna, their plant is capable of producing up to 5,000 cigarettes per minute.

I recall but can’t find evidence of cannabis industry people taking shots at the idea on Twitter when it was announced in June. I think it was mainly a knee-jerk reaction from the general disdain cannabis people have for cigarettes. They are notably first in this niche for Canada, and I remember thinking anything that could possibly help people quit smoking (cigarettes) is worth a shot.

By Simon Gerard – the oz.
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