Canada’s coolest cannabis-friendly cities of the year

Cannabis is federally legal in Canada – but that doesn’t mean that all Canadian cities are created equal when it comes to weed.

While the country boasts a wide variety of cities that feature exceptional cannabis culture from coast to coast, here are three of our favourite weed-friendly cities in which to get high — and enjoy the view.

Montreal, Quebec
Although Quebec has a well-earned reputation as one of the least cannabis-friendly provinces in Canada, the city of Montreal is, in some ways, an island of tolerance amidst a sea of over-regulation in la belle province.

While still subject to the nannyism and restrictions set in place by the province, Montrealers have long-smoked cannabis pretty much everywhere in public with impunity (although now it’s actually legal anywhere you can smoke cigarettes). The city also offers a plethora of scenic places to consume, from the top of the mountain to the charming Old Port to the walkways of beautifully-lit, Eiffel-designed Jacques Cartier Bridge.

And although its government-run SQDC locations are few and far between, the city is home to an utterly thriving illicit market if you know who to ask. As a bonus, most unregulated retailers, be they a sophisticated operation or just a friendly local dude, offer delivery – a definite plus between the frigid months of November and March.

By Emma Spears The GrowthOp
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