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Can you trust your CannTrust stash?

CannTrust stands behind the quality and safety of its products.


 After the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) decided to return CannTrust products due to non-compliance issues, consumers may wonder if their home stash of company products is safe.

CannTrust’s new CEO, Robert Marcovitch, said the company is investigating and remediating the root causes of any non-compliance.

However, OCS is returning approximately $2.9 million worth of CannTrust products, CannTrust Holdings Inc. announced in a press release on Aug. 19.

OCS, the Crown corporation in charge of wholesale distribution of cannabis products in Ontario and the province’s online recreational cannabis retail site, confirmed it would return all non-conforming CannTrust products under the supply agreement, Amanda Winton, communications manager for the OCS, told The GrowthOp.

By Karen Longwell The GrowthOp
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