Calgary Folk Music Festival Designates Cannabis Consumption Area

Calgary may have banned cannabis (and cigarette) smoking in all public places, but the largest city in Canada’s most enthusiastic legal cannabis-consuming province at least had the sense to allow people to smoke grass at the Calgary Folk Fest.

After all, folk fests and cannabis belong together. At Folk on the Rocks in Yellowknife, which allowed cannabis use in the festival beer garden, a member of the organizing team said legalization had led to “the most successful Folk in years.” The anonymous organizer noted, “People smoked before, but this year they smoked a lot more. I can’t remember it being this good for a long time.”

At the Winnipeg Folk Fest two weeks ago, the RCMP threatened to give $700 tickets to concertgoers caught consuming cannabis. According to festival goers, people who wanted to smoke weed did anyway, but police issued zero tickets for public cannabis use.


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