Buyer out $524 after trying to buy illegal cannabis online

A poster advertising black-market cannabis sold online was on a traffic-light pole at the corner of Davie and Howe streets during the summer of 2019 | Glen Korstrom
Complaint highlights risk of buying cannabis online from illegal sources.

What happened: Someone bought $524 worth of cannabis products from a private online business in B.C. – something that is illegal – and when the buyer did not receive their products or a refund, the buyer lodged a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Mainland B.C. (BBB)

Why this matters: The case shows that consumers are either willing to be open about flouting the law, or ignorant about which cannabis businesses are legal in the province and which ones aren’t, while simultaneously standing as an example for how little recourse consumers have when they engage in illegal transactions.

By Glen Korstrom Business in Vancouver

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