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Eco-savvy cannabis growers embrace sun-grown weed

Regenerative no-till farming. Biodynamic farming. Permaculture. These Earth-saving farming techniques—once considered fringe agricultural movements for overly hopeful individuals, a.k.a. hippies—are now seeing a rapid rise in popularity. Not surprisingly, cannabis farmers are at the forefront of this “new” wave of eco-savvy farming, together with some of the world’s top coffee …

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A Grow Light Primer

Indoor cannabis growing has become increasingly popular due to the widespread legalization and the relative ease of growing and tending cannabis plants. While it may be overwhelming when starting, things will fall in place after some time. For cannabis growers looking to start growing their plants and making consumables, it’s …

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Canada’s First Micro-Cultivator Crop Ready For Retail

Shelter Craft Collective brings Saskatchewan farmer to market VICTORIA, March 9, 2020 /CNW/ – Shelter Craft Collective, a division of 1193269 BC Ltd., doing business as Shelter Cannabis (“Shelter”) is proud to announce that North 40 Cannabis (North 40) was made available to retailers in Saskatchewan today. North 40 is …

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