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Whistler Cannabis Sour Jack

Sour Jack Sour Jack is a perfect example of an evenly balanced hybrid strain of cannabis, which consists of equal percent of Sativa and Indica. However, the effect produced by this strain is solely dependent on the action of Sativa. Popularly known as the child of two different famous strains, …

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How does CBD affect your memory?

Marijuana is not memory’s best friend, though some studies find CBD might improve brain function. One of the great benefits of smoking marijuana is that there’s rarely any hangovers on the following day. Sadly, the plant still has the capability of rattling your memories. Cannabis, or THC more precisely, tends …

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Are magic mushrooms the next frontier for the cannabis industry?

Given its hallucinogenic effect, lawmakers may be reticent to allow distribution of the psychedelic drug without more restrictions Magic mushrooms, a group of fungi containing the psychedelic substance psilocybin, have long been used as a way to trip out by those adventurous enough to eat something that might have grown …

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Survey says 8% of employers allow cannabis use

According to the results of a new survey by Ipsos commissioned by ADP Canada, a human resources software company, approximately 8% of respondents stated that their employer allows recreational cannabis use in the workplace, in contrast to 86% of respondents who said their employer does not permit it. Researchers had …

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Pot producers implore Ontario to open more stores

Just 24 legal retailers open in Ontario compared to 324 in Alberta Canadian cannabis producers are stepping up pressure on the Ford government to speed up the distribution of retail licences in Ontario as poor sales continue to dog the industry. “Our ability to continue to invest and sustain the …

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Product seized from two Squamish cannabis dispensaries

Enforcement action taken on 99 North and Grassroots Medicinal Tuesday, Nov. 5 Just before 11:30 a.m Nov. 5, RCMP and Community Safety Unit (CSU) members entered the dispensaries. The District of Squamish said the RCMP were present to maintain public safety while the CSU members executed their duties. Squamish RCMP …

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