Alberta latest province to halt cannabis vapes sales amid health concerns

vapingAlberta is suspending sales of cannabis vaping devices amid lingering concerns about their health effects, a move that would leave nearly half of the country’s consumer market unable to purchase the newly-legal pot product.

Heather Holmen, a spokesperson for the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis, the provincial agency responsible for regulating cannabis, said officials are still considering whether to allow the sale of cannabis vape products in the province, but didn’t specify when it would begin to offer the product to consumers.

“As you have likely seen, there have been recent reports about the health effects of vaping,” Holman told BNN Bloomberg in an email. “Some things being considered include public health impacts and reducing the illicit market. As a result, vape products will not be available in the initial launch of [edibles, extracts, and topicals] in Alberta.

By David George-Cosh BNN Bloomberg
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