Alberta judge determines cannabis grower’s rights were violated, but refuses to stay charges

Shaun Charles Howell’s unlicensed Innisfail cannabis grow was busted by the RCMP in March 2017. He was charged with unlawfully producing cannabis and possession of over three kilograms of cannabis for the purpose of trafficking.

In addition to himself, Howell was providing cannabis to a few patients, including a disabled homeless man to whom he provided cannabis products at no cost and his daughter who suffers from epilepsy.

The judge agreed that the man’s constitutional rights had been violated under previous, pre-legalization drug legislation. But his bid to have the charges stayed was denied.

Howell’s entire yield was seized, including 739 cannabis plants, 54 kilograms of freshly-harvested weed, and just under three kilograms of dried flower, as well as a variety of equipment for cultivation and manufacturing extractions and concentrates.

by Emma Spears Regina Leader Post
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