A Budding Innovative Cannabis Solution: Shipping Container Farms

Since legalization, the upsurge in cannabis cultivation, processing and retailing has ignited innovation. Cannabis growers, processors and retailers are continuously looking for new and improved ways to circumvent the many challenges associated with traditional methods of cannabis cultivation, production and sales, such as constraints on space, harsh or unpredictable climate conditions, plant disease, mold, pests and limited growing seasons. Furthermore, industry challenges such as costly start-up expenses, lengthy construction periods, and burdensome licensing processes have also incentivized industry players to develop cost-effective, efficient, and compliant strategies.

Based on these challenges, it is no surprise that the recent trend of container farms, and in particular, cannabis container farms has grown in popularity. Reclaimed shipping containers are increasingly being used worldwide as a successful alternative to traditional farming methods. This article will explore the unique solutions that shipping containers offer to overcome some of the common limitations associated with cultivation, production, processing and retailing facilities and operations in the cannabis sector.

By: Patrick Cummings Blaney.com
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