9 ways Canadians are getting busted for cannabis post-legalization

Legalization hasn’t meant a weed free-for-all — and these regulations and bylaws are tripping up Canadians

When recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada in 2018, some imagined the country would become a utopia for weed-lovers: Canadians could be sparking up doobs with impunity, drunk — or stoned — on the fact that they can do whatever they liked with the once-prohibited plant

Not exactly. The Cannabis Act didn’t legalize cannabis in all its forms; it changed the way the plant was regulated. Thus, there are still a significant number of cannabis laws and bylaws that, when it comes to enforcement, range from largely frowned-upon by police to straight-up illegal – each with its own set of potential consequences.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of weed-related offences that can land you in trouble post-legalization – and the subsequent penalties cannabis consumers or sellers may face if busted for bud.

Improper cannabis storage
Everyone knows that impaired driving is illegal, but similar to alcohol, there are very specific laws and restrictions pertaining to the storage of cannabis in a vehicle.

Even if you’re not smoking, rolling joints in the car, tossing roaches out of the window, improper storage of cannabis, and even smelling strongly of weed can be grounds for penalties ranging from stops to fines to charges.

By Emma Spears
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