5 Strains Of Cannabis Anyone Can Grow With Ease

Easy Is A Relative Term
The 5 strains of cannabis or marijuana (or both) listed are easier than many other strains to grow. Having said that, the plants themselves demand respect and care, the same as any other living thing. When growing, considerations must be made – especially with these plants – because of their susceptibility to temperature change, soil deficiencies, and light exposure. So, are there plants that are hardier or more rugged than others?

Easy Mode On
Easy Bud, as the name so blatantly implies, is quite easy to grow. Strangely, it is a simple, yet greatly underestimated plant of great dispute. The plant is classified as cannabis ruderalis and is believed to be a subspecies of Sativa. It is used in many crossbreeds for its ability to grow quickly and abundantly. The bud has a fragrance of citrus, and it grows to maturity in five to seven weeks. When the clustered buds are gathered, there is a wafting of sharp cheese. An incredibly rugged plant from the Himalayas, Easy Bud is great for rookie growers.

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