2019 was the year we put CBD in… well, everything

It’s tough to deny the blessings of CBD. But did we get a little too excited this year about the non-impairing cannabis compound, with its anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties?

Now that hemp-derived CBD is federally legal in the United States, industry innovators put the stuff in seemingly everything. Here are some examples of truly baffling products infused with the most marketable cannabinoid in history.

Catnip-infused CBD oil — for cats
CBD is the antithesis of what catnip is known to do: Give a buzzy boost to your kitty that could inspire a Youtube-able moment. Catnip, which is in the mint family, will affect the cat’s behaviour depending on how it’s ingested. When eaten, it’s a sedative; when inhaled it’s stimulant. So perhaps CBD catnip oil is the ultimate calming agent for felines? Sounds like a total buzzkill.

By Elianna Lev The GrowthOp
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