10 Ottawa-area cannabis stores prized for their customer service and selection

More than two years after legalization, it’s almost hard to imagine what life was like before.

With many cannabis retailers across the Ottawa area, there’s no shortage of choice for consumers, but certain stores stand out from the pack. Here are 10 of the area’s premier locations, prized for their knowledge, customer service and selection.

The Good Cannabis Company

We are independently Ottawa-owned and operated, and proud to be the Glebe’s first cannabis store. We carefully select our menu items from top Canadian and small-batch producers to ensure a quality variety for our customers. Chat with our knowledgeable budtenders, and they will help ensure you leave with the products that will best suit your needs. If you are looking for unique vintage ashtrays and smoking accessories, you will love our curated selection. Our store has a comforting retro esthetic while still offering all the modern shopping conveniences you would look for. Check us out for good bud and good vibes!  www.shopthegood.ca

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By: The Growth Op

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